Tracking Drones at Goodwood

Specialised Imaging has been at Goodwood Aerodrome, working with the team from The Aviation Innovation Centre, testing a compact pan and tilt optical tracking system called LOMA Lightweight Optical Motion Analysis). The LOMA system was put through its paces using both fixed wing and multi-copter drones for the trials which took place over a wide range of distances and velocities. The capability of the system to reliably track the drones and capture highly accurate data and images was confirmed and the system has now been confirmed ready for operational use.

Designed to track rockets, missiles and aircraft, Specialised Imaging’s LOMA system is capable of tracking random flight patterns. The camera links to LOMA’s computer, which compares consecutive images and adjusts the camera platform to follow the actual flight path. LOMA is more accurate and stable than handheld tracking and can maintain objects in the centre of an image at greater distances. Two tracking cameras were tested for the trial – an infrared FLIR A615 and visible light Balsar ACE acA1300. The two cameras provided options when faced with difficult ambient lighting/visibility or intrusive background “clutter”, both of which can confuse tracking algorithms. On cool days the hotter parts of the object can provide a solid contrast target for more stable tracking.

Videos to accompany the post:

Infrared Centroid Drone

Basler Centroid Drone