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Specialised Imaging Limited is a dynamic company focusing on the design, manufacture, service and supply of ultra-high-speed imaging systems and components for industrial, military and scientific applications...

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To provide you with a total ultra-high-speed imaging solution, we have formed strong, strategic relationships with manufacturers in a variety of related fields.
These strategic partnerships enable us to offer fully optimised imaging systems that include illumination, optical components, supports and triggering devices.

Close cooperation with our major suppliers also allows us to access and incorporate custom-designed components to specifically enhance the performance of our systems. Our reputation today extends worldwide with customers in North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East regions.




Specialised Imaging is a leading supplier of high performance triggering systems that enable capture of high quality images from ultra-fast events. 
High-speed imaging can be challenging to users more familiar with high-speed video cameras. To accurately capture fleeting images of a high speed event requires a means of triggering the camera and flash unit more accurately and typically to within a few microseconds.


Specialised Imaging has published a new applications report that demonstrates the utility of its SI Tracker 2 system in following flight behaviour of a high speed projectile when the unexpected happens. Improvements in powerful automotive propulsion and suspension systems over the last 50 years has allowed modern main battle tanks to incorporate progressively thicker and heavier armour protection systems, while maintaining considerable maneuverability and speed on the battlefield. In response to this, a new type of kinetic energy penetrator ammunition - Armour-piercing fin-stabilized discarding sabot (APFSDS) has been developed to effectively attack modern vehicle armour. The purpose of the ballistic range testing undertaken by Specialised Imaging was to investigate the effect on the flight behaviour of APFSDS projectiles when using propellants at different temperatures. The expected effects of higher temperatures are increased barrel pressures, increased velocities, asymmetric sabot separation and subsequent projectile instability. Velocity measurements were taken with Radar Doppler and projectile behaviour down range of the gun muzzle was captured using the SI Tracker 2 system.