High Resolution Video Data Capture Up To 5 Million Frames / Second

The Kirana high-speed video camera from Specialised Imaging incorporates a unique hybrid sensor that is able to capture high resolution video data at up to 5 million frames per second.

Kirana's unique hybrid sensor is able to maintain its full 924 x 768-pixel resolution image capture irrespective of the speed of acquisition. Up to 11 consecutive events can be captured at a rate of 250ms per event. Two seconds of video can be stored when operating at 1,000 frames per second

The Kirana can be fully remote operated over Ethernet enabling easy integration into your experiments. The Kirana offers the performance, ease-of-use and operational flexibility to enable users to record and deliver slow-motion video images in almost any scientific research application.

Comprehensive triggering facilities, highly accurate timing control and a wide range of output signals, coupled with a powerful image capture and analysis software package has enabled the Kirana to become a popular research tool (see http://specialised-imaging.com/applications-and-results).

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Founded in 2003 - Specialised Imaging is today widely recognised as a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative, high performance ultra-high-speed imaging cameras for industrial, scientific and defence research applications. The company continues to invest strongly in research and development to maintain its position at the forefront of world-wide innovation in the high-speed imaging field. Specialised Imaging maintains offices around the world to support its extensive base of customers in North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe and the Middle East regions.