Why our high-speed imaging cameras will always continue to excel

Specialised Imaging is in constant research and development mode, alert to any relevant improvements that we can make to our cameras, and one of the richest sources of inspiration not unsurprisingly is our customers. In developing bespoke camera solutions, we often see a feature that we can incorporate into our standard products to benefit all our customers.

Images from a Specilaised Imaging framing camera and a streak camera linked via an auxiliary port on the framing camera

For example, auxiliary ports became a standard feature on our SIM framing cameras after a client asked for a port to be added to make it possible to link a high-speed video camera with the SIM to share the same lens and have a similar view. This is now a feature often requested for events where streak cameras are also used as part of the necessary optical instrumentation.

Similarly, a built-in velocity chronograph for accurate triggering became a standard feature on our SIM framing cameras and KIRANA ultra high-speed video cameras following the successful inclusion in a SIM camera for capturing ballistic impact events. The velocity trap enables these cameras to automatically adjust image triggering in real time to account for variations in projectile velocity, which is a significant benefit where a 5% variation can be the difference between seeing and missing the event all together.

The answer to why our cameras are so good is because their features and performance are designed to meet or exceed our customers’ requirements. Whether you choose one of our standard cameras or a bespoke solution you can be sure that it will incorporate all our experience from nearly 20 years in the business. To all our customers, thank you for inspiring us to greater things.

The camera set up used for the images above with the framing camera on the right and streak camera on the left

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