Application Advances in Ultra High-Speed Imaging

Specialised Imaging Ltd will be displaying its latest product innovations and applications advances in ultra high-speed imaging at the 28th International Congress on High-Speed Imaging and Photonics due to be held in Canberra, Australia (November 9-14, 2008).

A wide range of new applications data will be available for review and discussion in areas including ballistics, combustion research, failure dynamics, elasticity, crack propagation, shock resistance, medical research, detonics, impact studies, spray / particle analysis, PIV and nanotechnology.

Visitors to this important meeting will have the opportunity also to review the latest additions to the SIM family of high performance multi-channel framing cameras. Unlike traditional ultra fast framing cameras the optical design of SIM cameras provide the choice of up to 16 separate optical channels without comprising performance or image quality. Effects such as parallax and shading, inherent in other designs, are eliminated and the high spatial resolution (> 50 lp/mm) is the same from frame to frame and in both axes. Individual ultra-high resolution intensified CCD detectors, controlled by state-of-the-art electronics, offer almost infinite control over gain and exposure allowing experimenters researchers total freedom to capture images of even the most difficult transient phenomena. The ability to mount individual filters on each optical channel provides the SIM with uniquely flexible spectral selectivity. An integral TFT monitor allows users to ‘see what the camera sees’ in real-time, thus allowing users to easily optimise focus and lighting to achieve spectacular results.

Also on display will be the Trajectory Tracker - a next generation video projectile tracking system offering high performance and ease of deployment on a sturdy, fully adjustable mount. The system provides consistent and accurate tracking of projectiles in flight using a computer controlled triggered rotating mirror positioned in front of a high-speed digital video camera. In order to fully evaluate failure modes of projectiles, it is often necessary to observe their performance over a significant proportion of the trajectory. The Trajectory Tracker allows observations to be made of in flight behaviour of projectiles over more than 100 metres with a tracking accuracy of better than 0.2 degrees over its full scan. This slow motion record of a projectile in flight allows accurate diagnosis of events such as fin deployment, motor burn time, pitch, yaw and spin rate.

Technical specialists from Specialised Imaging Ltd. will also be available to discuss the SIR2 - a unique high performance, high-speed camera that offers true double imaging capability. The rigid all-metal IP54 rated construction of the compact SIR2 makes it ideally suited to the typically harsh environment of the military test range.